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All Hail the New Flesh! Artificial Skin to Interact with Computer Devices

Updated: May 21

A picture from Videodrome of a weird fleshy hand

If you’ve ever seen a David Cronenberg film, you know he’s a master of the body horror genre. His films will often have some weird amorphous, greasy-looking blob of flesh flapping about and interacting with an actor in a weird pseudo-sexual way. I’ll provide a video to give you an idea, viewer discretion is advised.

French tech designer Marc Teyssier is determined to make doing something as simple as texting a friend akin to one of those Cronenberg fever dreams.

The designer has created a range of flesh-based covers that can be used on phones and laptops that give the user the feeling of human flesh and perform unique functions such as pinch, tickle, grab and stroke.

Teyssier believes that through an interface that more closely resembles our own stimulus inputs, we will be able to more effectively communicate, through speed, velocity and force of touch. Essentially we will be able to express ourselves more naturally through this medium.

smartphone robot finger stroking a human hand
Nothing to see here, just a smartphone's finger gently stroking my hand

He states, “I question existing devices form factor and explore how effective communication can be mediated through anthropomorphic devices to leverage new human experiences.”

So in a not-too-distant future, it is possible we could have a pulsating fleshy blob for a phone, something we might strangle when the boss calls or tickle when we want to send our partner a message.

More likely I see this research technology being utilised within the porn market in ways probably best not to think about but you know requires hospital grade cleaning fluid.

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