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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Well at least it got its prediction of shitty weather right.

Lifelike robots, hmm, maybe not yet but we're getting there.

Flying cars, or 'Spinners' as they're called in the movie. Yeah we didn't quite get there either.

We had Frenchman Frank Zapata cross the English channel on a Hover-board this year, that's something I guess. It's a work in progress.

What'll we have to aspire to after we achieve the flying car? Since the invention of the car itself men have dreamed of flying one through the air. We crack that nut and we hit a bit of a creative dead end, or, at least hit one major technological advancement on the head, next we cure cancer!

It would be great to be actually living in that moment when you're sitting driving your flying car to work and you suddenly have a moment of realisation where you go, holy shit we actually did it. We finally live in an age where I fly to work.

One thing that will definitely become annoying when flying cars become a thing is that you won't be able to escape the world anywhere. You find a beautiful, secluded little beach front with a dense jungle to your back, you relax back in your hammock sipping a beer than all of a sudden, sand and dust flies up, there's a loud rumbling overhead, Bob, his wife and six kids turn up in the flying econovan and its all over.

There's one more thing about flying cars that amaze me. Prior to the Industrial Revolution things were pretty static in peoples lives, no one really imagined anything being different for the next generation.

I work in a field with this plow, my dad used it, and so will my son etc. All of a sudden, the Industrial Revolution hits, there's mass production, people moving into cities, a real renaissance is occurring.

People attend fairs where they see things like electricity creating lights for the first time etc and shit is blowing peoples minds and firing their imaginations.

Suddenly come 19th and 20th century you've got people drawing pictures of cars flying through the air even before cars are driving well on the ground. You could say it was a revolution of imagination and innovation from that period that has continued to pick up momentum.

It's at this point in our technological advancement that I feel we're like a kid on a skateboard riding down a big hill for the first time. As we're now really committed to the decent, we are picking up serious speed and starting to get the death wobbles.

Will we at some stage do a dive for some nearby soft grass and get off this ride or scorpion face-first into the bitumen road or hang on and ride it through for ultimate glory?

But yes, off point.

Blade Runner I think will be become our reality come 2119, I think that would be a realistic timeline to achieve an exact copy of achievement from movie to reality. Flying cars, replicants, all the technology will be there and then some by that deadline.

The only thing that Blade Runner seemed to get spot on was the terrible weather affecting the planet, and by 2119, unless some real dramatic and serious changes are made, by then our weather will make Blade Runners looks like a tropical paradise.

Our future without intervention

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